GreenLine Technology

where do poop bags go? .....our landfills

the dirty truth

plain plastic and traditional poop bags labeled biodegradable are NOT made to biodegrade in a landfill environment.


bags labeled biodegradable or degradable require UV (sunlight) and oxygen to break down which is not present in a landfill environment.

compostable bags?

bags made from corn, sugarcane, and beet root need to be processed in a commercial composting facility. this type of plastic requires high heat, nitrogen, water, and oxygen to break down. elements not present in a landfill environment.

new solution

GreenLine Logo

new technology

greenline is made with a proprietary, natural additive that renders the bags biodegradable in modern landfills.

how it works

the additive attracts microbes and bacteria already present in landfills. they colonize on the surface of the bag and completely digest the plastic. the result is organic matter, CO2 and methane gas, proof that biodegradation has occurred.

we can prove it

we have tested our poop bags! conducted by an independent lab, our bags have been tested to authenticate our claims. the test method determines the degree and rate of biodegradation in an anaerobic environment, a.k.a landfill.

test results estimate our poop bags will fully biodegrade

within 28 months.