GreenLine Super Singles


GreenLine Super Singles


this poop bag is designed to biodegrade anywhere, even in landfills. they attract microbes which chow down on the bag leaving nothing in their path. that means you can scoop poop with a clear conscience.

  • pop-up poop bags - 150 individual bags

  • extra, extra large - 12" wide x 20 long"

  • landfill biodegradable - designed to biodegrade in an anaerobic environment (a.k.a landfill).

  • lab-tested - yup! we tested our poop bags! it only takes 28 months to biodegrade.

  • patented, pop-up dispensing - grab and go technology. pop-up like a tissue, one at a time.

  • unscented

  • made in the USA

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how it works

GreenLine Poop Bags are made with a special additive that renders the bags biodegradable in modern landfills.

the additive attracts microbes and bacteria already present in landfills. they colonize on the surface of the bag and completely digest the plastic. the result is organic matter, CO2 and methane gas, proof that biodegredation has occured.

we can prove it

we've tested our poop bags! conducted by an independant lab, our bags have been tested to authenticate our claims. the test method determines the degree and rate of biodegradation in an anaerobic environment, a.k.a landfill. it is estimated our poop bags will biodegrade within 26-28 months.